Here for Savasana, the Podcast

with Bridget Riepl and

Jennifer Vafakos

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Why did you go to your first yoga class? Why did you stay? What made you think -I’d like to teach that stuff someday? Why do you keep showing up?

After years (and years) of practicing and teaching yoga, we started wondering less about Warrior sequences and more about the stories behind and beyond “the flow”. So we started asking questions; questions that led us to create a podcast that is part entertainment, part education, and all reflection.

“Here for Savasana” is a series of thought-provoking conversations with some of the most interesting human beings we know. Friends, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, creatives, and “yoga-lebrities” who are willing to share the hows, whys, highs, lows, and truths of what “yoga” looks like for them.

This podcast is just like your favorite yoga class – we show up, drop our swords, shields, masks, and old stories, and we talk through whatever comes up. And at the end? Savasana. We release, reset, rejuvenate, and come out the other side feeling all kinds of amazing.

Bridget Riepl

Bridget Riepl is the founder of the NJ Yoga Collective and the VibeWell Yoga Festival. Bridget has taught yoga all over the Jersey Shore since 2010; since then, she has spent countless hours studying under transformational humans who have only helped to deepen her spiritual, emotional, physical and mental commitment to the practice. In 2017, Bridget founded the NJ Yoga Collective – NJ’s lifestyle guide for wellness, health, happiness, meditation, mindfulness and one of her truest loves, the practice of yoga! Bridget is inspired by connection, her family, nature and getting vulnerable. She is most alive when she is working with others, serving as a catalyst for people seeking to discover their highest self as teachers and practitioners. She listens on a deep level, sees the big picture, and empowers others to live their dreams. Bridget was voted the “Best Yoga Teacher in Monmouth County” in 2016 and 2018 by the readers of Monmouth Health and Life Magazine. When she isn’t teaching, writing, talking, inspiring, creating and collaborating, she is on the beach with her kids. You can find her on Instagram at @bridgetriepl and @njyogacollective.

Jennifer Vafakos

I’m Jennifer Vafakos co-host of the “Just Here for Savasana” podcast, and owner/director of Inlet Yoga in Manasquan, NJ

Straight up and the short story- I am a mom, wife, daughter, yoga teacher, business owner and recovering fashion designer. I also love talking with the uber talented and creative people I have met on my journey. They’re a tribe who have something sensible to say that help brighten and make my day more interesting. What is yoga if not the beautiful collaboration of discovery and finding our way toward freedom in this life?

Long Story: I began practicing yoga in my mid-twenties as a way to take that “one day off” from training for marathons, biathlons, triathlons as well as basically blow off a lot of steam from a corporate day job. What began as a “day off” threaded through years of practice and continual study. While I worked tirelessly in the fashion industry of NYC. I am most grateful to my teachers, most notably Dana Trixie Flynn and currently I am currently embarking on the 200-hour advanced KATONAH YOGA® training.

I believe yoga is a potent tool to help endure and thrive in life physically and mentally. Practice gives me the tools to live a well-lived life. I never call myself a “yogi” nor do I care to; my aim in this life is the importance of being a good human to myself and others.  You can find me at @jvafakos on Instagram, and @inletyogacommunity.

“Here For Savasana” is storytelling, If just one person can tell just one iota of a life story, then we have a narrative, and perhaps thru self-identification- we become the protagonists in our own life story. “Here For Savasana” is part entertainment, part education, and all reflection. Join us to get notified of updates, new podcasts and more!

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